High Quality Clones

Clean cuttings from sterile and aseptic spaces

High tech technology ensures high quality cuttings.

Our production is demanding and has the capacity to produce up to 20,000 cuttings per month.

We can only do this through our ultra-modern parent rooms, which have the necessary resources to produce and also sell such capacities.

The professional treatment of cuttings.

We have the necessary know-how.

No use of pesticides.

Our production is subject to strict rules. Pesticides are strictly forbidden here and are not used, because this is the only way for the plant to grow naturally.

Our Team

We have trained employees and specialists with years of experience in the field of cuttings and CBD production according to quality features and the highest technical skills.

The best from the best.

We promote a constant selection of the mother plants through the finest regeneration processes.

We are responsible.

That is why it is strictly forbidden to pass it on to underage customers, more precisely to people who are not older than 18 years of age – thus possible misuse can be avoided.