Clones Plant construction

The perfect light systems

The subjective difference between the respective calculation models lies between the decision quantity over quality or quality over quantity.

The right air conditioning

Air conditioning depends on the light requirement and has the additional component for room dehumidification, which can be individually controlled as desired.

The room temperature is one of the basic parameters that are essential for the conscientious development of the plant.

Air circulation and ventilation

Night and Day Room with a day / night constellation, so that one day supports and helps the other.

This means that the exchange of wet / humid air to dry / warm air – proportionally brings total control of the room climate and supports optimal plant development.


A necessary component of photosynthesis in controlled larger quantities enables the faster stomatal transperation to be another basic component for the optimal development of the plant.

“For professionals only”, everything is fine-tuned and fully automated.

Air and humidification

The A&O of room humidity (air humidification) is at the discretion of the VPD.

Without perfect air humidification in the initial stage, i.e. not the correct percentage of humidity in the room, it is more difficult for the plant to develop roots and the healthy development of the plant in the development phase.

The room humidity is also a basic component for the control of the transperation.

Plants and temperature

The plant temperature is another basic component for measuring the VPD.

The VPD shows you, in relation to room temperature, room humidity and plant temperature, the stomatal transpiration value and the effective, actual development of the plant.

Electricity demand

The calculation of the electricity requirement and the moisture-proof installation is essential.

The cross-section of the cables, as well as correct and standard-compliant installation, are indispensable.

To prevent possible damage, each lamp must be individually connected and secured.

Just like all other components that belong to the technical components, in order to throw off any defects with the smallest possible loss.


The irrigation is that the plant contributes to the success you want.

The salts and the water are just as important as the oxygen saturation in the medium.

In order to guarantee the perfect root formation and the constant development – coordinated irrigation rhythm “dry back cycle”.

Warranty and functionality

Laboratory or factory-like conditions and a lot of know-how and information for a beginner.

Understandable, but difficult to steer without constant supervision and help.

Small ailments caused by work can be quickly resolved with simple tips.

Because the technology only works when the room works, and all aspects play an important role.